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Ski  Shop Services      


Mounting    $75.00
Mounting with ski, binding, or boot purchase from New England Ski and Scuba   $50.00
X/C Mounting   $25.00
Remount or Transfer    $75.00
Ski Rental   $40.00
Snowboard Rental   $40.00

Stone Grind   $50.00
Wet Grind   $20.00
Hand Sharpen   $20.00
Hot Wax   $15.00
Basic Base Repair   $20.00
1 Degree Bevel   $10.00
Labor/Misc.   All by

Complete Ski Tune-up Packages

Wet Grind Bases    
Minor Base Repair    $29.99
Edge Sharpening & Detuning  
Hot Wax  
Snowboard Shop Services 



Mounting   $20.00
Snowboard Boot Boa cable replacement labor ( no charge for cable or dial) 
Complete Snowboard Tune-up Packages


Wet Grind Bases    
Minor Base Repair   $34.99
Edge Sharpening and Detune  
Hot Wax  


New England Ski and Scuba also has a wide range of cross-country skis as well.  Our staff is trained to help you make the best decision whether you are a beginner or an experienced cross-country skier.  New England Ski and Scuba has gear for any level cross-country skier.  The brands we carry are: Alpina Sports, Rotarella, Erik Sports, Whitewoods, Yaxtrax, and Red Feather. 

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    60 Windsor Ave. (Rt. 83)
    Vernon, CT  06066
    Call us now: 860-872-0113

About New England Ski and Scuba

 At New England Ski and Scuba, we pride ourselves on having the most up-to-date and cutting-edge ski gear, snowboard gear, and scuba gear but also on having a quality staff to help customers with selecting and purchasing merchandise.  The Staff at New England Ski and Scuba are trained, certified and experienced in all aspects of snowboarding and skiing.